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What is sound?
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Hello Happy Friends!

Are you ready to learn?

I’m Sara, and today, we’re going to talk about… Well! Just listen!

Sounds good huh? Today, We’re going to talk about… Sound!


For sound to exist, there needs to be something, or someone that produces it. Like this guitar!

A medium through which it can be transmitted, like air.

And of course, an ear to receive it.


When I play my guitar strings…
I produce vibrations that travel in waves to our ears, that’s why we hear them.


Sounds’ speed depends on the medium it travels through.

In solids, like iron, sound waves travel at great speed!

In liquids, like water, they travel a little slower,

And in gases, like air, is where they travel the slowest.


But, if sounds are waves, why do we recognise sounds when we hear them?

Why do we recognise our parent’s voice? Or a dog’s bark?

Well it’s easy peasy! We recognise them because of every sound’s properties, or characteristics.


There are three properties:

Intensity, pitch and timber.

Intensity lets us identify if the sound is loud… or soft…

Thanks to the pitch, we can tell if the sounds are high (pitched) or low (pitched)

And by the timbre, we identify what or who has generated the sound.

For example, if it has been generated, by a flute…
…A guitar…
...A dog!...
...Or a cat!


Lastly, before I say goodbye, here’s a fun fact! Do you know what Echo is?

Echo, is when sound waves bump against an obstacle, change their direction and shortly after, we can hear the sound repeatedly.

That’s an echo, and I’m that you’ve heard it more than once. But if you haven’t... listen up!
Happy Learning!
So cool!

Bye happy friends!
I hope you’re always ready to learn more!