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The digestive system and digestion
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The digestive system and digestion
Hello friends, and welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to learn about the digestive system and digestion.
So that our body can make the most of the food we eat, it must first transform it into a simpler substance called nutrients. These nutrients are then transported by our blood around our body to be used and converted into energy. This food transformation process is called digestion and is done by the digestive system.
The digestive system is a very long tube threw which food travels and is made up of the following parts:
The mouth; this is where the digestion journey begins. The teeth both chop and grin up the food we eat. Once it has been made into a ball, it is pushed down the food pipe, to the pharynx.
The pharynx is a cavity which shares the digestive system with the respiratory system. It is from the pharynx that the food goes to the esophagus.
The esophagus is a soft muscular tube that moves food further down to the stomach.
The stomach is a widening of the digestive tube. It creates a movement which allows food to mix with gastric fluids. Once this process has been done, it then travels to the small intestine.
The small intestine, is called small because of its width not its length. It's actually much longer than the large intestine, measuring up to 7 meters in length, almost as wide as a football goal from post to post. Well it is here, in the small intestine, were the food digestion journey ends. Now it is up to fluids processed by two glands, the liver and the pancreas, to finalize the transformation of food into nutrients.
Once the food is converted into nutrients, they then traverse the small intestines walls and filter into our blood where they are then made good use of, by all of our body´s cells. But what happens to all the food that our body doesn't need? All that, such a fiber, for example, is transferred to the large intestine.
The large intestine is a thick tube which accumulates substances which our organism cannot digest and is also where water from these substances is absorbed. These substances then form the fecal matter, or what we call poop, which comes out of the anus. Agghh, it sounds a little bit discussing but that's how our body works.
Anyway friends, I hope you found the digestion system and digestion as interesting as I did.
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