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Endangered Species: Animals in Danger of Extinction
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It's crazy to think that some animals might not exist in a couple of year's time... that's why we need to put a stop to it! 😿🐻🐅🐘
🤯Imagine telling your future children, that Polar bears are like dinosaurs, they no longer exist
💭What are you going to do to make a difference?
👇 Let us know in the comments below

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Hello Happy Friends?
Are you ready to learn?
I’m Sarah, and today, we’re going to talk about animals, but specifically, those that are in danger of being extinct, those that are about to vanish forever!
Look, this is… my…
He’s very lucky, because he lives in my house, and we take very good care of him.
But there are a lot of animals, that aren’t this lucky.
Can you imagine all dogs on Earth disappear?
Well there are some animals that are about to disappear completely, like the tigers, lynxes, whales, polar bears, tortoises, even bees are close to being extinct!
Actually, in some places they have already disappeared, and that makes me sad, very sad…
But… What can we do to help the animals?
The first thing is learning lots of things about them! :
Where they live… what they eat… and how they are affected by what humans do.
The more we know about animals, the more we will love them, because they are so great!
They are so beautiful! Also! Some of them are so cool and fun!
We also need to walk in the woods, so we can get to know nature, enjoy it and take care of it like nature deserves.
If we threw this small plastic bag into the ocean, it could mean the death of some sea creature, like a dolphin or a sea turtle.
Look at these images.
This seal has eaten plastic thinking it was food. Sadly the poor thing will probably die.
Do you realise how important it is to respect and take care of nature?
Another way of taking care of nature and saving animals, is consuming in an ecological manner.
Switching off lights when we don’t need them, closing taps, turning the tv off when we aren’t watching.
If we do all these things, nature will be a looot cleaner, and animals will live longer, and better lives! And they will never ever ever become extinct.
We all fit in this world, the Earth is our home, and home to all living things!
Will you help us take care of it? I hope you do!
Goodbye Happy friends!
I hope you’re always ready to learn!