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In lesson 1 of the English with Lucy Business English Course, I teach you how to write the perfect CV (or resume) in English. We will discuss the different types of CV and which one you should choose for your career path, and also cover how to hide any gaps or lack of experience.
In Lesson 3 I will be showing you the language you can use to sell yourself in English, which you can use on your CV.
Here is the playlist for the full course: http://bit.ly/FullBizEngCourse

The English with Lucy Business English Course is a free online course designed to help learners of English get their dream job and progress in the workplace. All lessons are fully subtitled and the talking speed can be slowed down, as shown in lesson 1. If you would like to contribute subtitle translations in your own language, you can do so here: http://bit.ly/EWLBEC1subs. Your name will be displayed below the video as a token of my gratitude.

This course includes:
Lesson 1. How to write a perfect CV
Lesson 2. How to write a cover letter
Lesson 3. How to sell yourself in English
Lesson 4. 7 common interview questions and how to answer them
Lesson 5. 7 difficult interview questions and how to answer them
Lesson 6. How to speak on the telephone in English
Lesson 7. Business English slang and abbreviations
Lesson 8. Tips for public speaking and presenting in English
Lesson 9. Business English pronunciation
Lesson 10. Business English vocabulary

The English with Lucy Business English Course lessons are posted every Monday and Friday, for the 5 weeks following Monday 20th May.
Normal English with Lucy lessons will still be posted every Wednesday, as per usual.

Glossary of terms used in the video:
CV - the abbreviation for ‘curriculum vitae’ (a written record of your education and the jobs you have done, that you send when you are applying for a job).
Résumé: Same as CV but used in North America
to prioritise: to put tasks, problems, etc. in order of importance, so that you can deal with the most important first
to proofread: to read and correct a piece of written or printed work
to highlight: to emphasise something, especially so that people give it more attention
to scan: to look quickly but not very carefully at a document, etc.
to skim-read: to read something quickly in order to find a particular point or the main points
inconsistency: the tendency to change too often and not stay the same
URL: uniform/universal resource locator (typically, the address of a World Wide Web page)

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