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Interesting facts about The Human Body
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Did you know that our nose is capable of smelling more than 50 thousand different smells?

For a long time now we believed that the sense of smell in human beings is the least useful, but scientists are now explaining that when we smell a rose, for example, we are actually smelling 275 different scents which all together result in the scent of a rose. So we can say without a doubt that to smell good is a matter of noses.

Did you know that if you were to join all your blood vessels in your body they would measure approximately 97.000km?

It sounds incredible but it's true. If we were to put in a line all our blood vessels, meaning the veins, the arteries and the capillaries, they would measure up to 97 thousand km… they could go around the world two and a half times. When taking this fact into consideration, we realize what lengthy traveler our blood is, as they journey 20 thousand km a day in our body.

Did you know that the word brain comes from the Latin word cerebrum and means what is carried in the head?

And we are not talking about hats… the brain is one of the most fascinating parts of our body as well as being the most curious thing. The brain has 100 thousand million neurons which are in charge of processing and working on all the information received, just like a computer. Neurons have different shapes and information travels through them at different speeds, and that is why we sometimes remember things we have just stored in our brain and other times it takes longer to remember.

And what about your neurons? Will they remember these fascinating facts about the human body? I am sure they will!