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The Human Skeleton: amazing fun facts
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💀🦴The human body is just fascinating! don't you think!
💭 What is the most interesting fact you learnt today?
💭 Did you know any of these already?
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What is stronger? Steel or human bones?
Scientists say, that our bones, are five times stronger than steel. And luckily they are! Because they protect all important organs in our body like the brain or heart.
A piece of bone the size of a phone can withstand up to 9 thousand kilos.

What parts of the body have more bones?
Out of the 206 bones that an adult has, 52 are found in the feet and 54 in the hands. More than half of the bones we have are found in our hands and feet! It seems unreal right??

Which is the longest bone of the body? and the smallest?
The longest bone we have is the femur, which joins the pelvis with the knee. The smallest bone of the body is the stirrup, which is in the ear and measures between 2.5 and 3 millimetres. Now that you see it, do you understand why it’s called stirrup? Of course! It’s the same as the stirrup we use to horse ride!

Who has more bones in their neck: a person or a giraffe?
You’ve all thought of the giraffe didn’t you? Well no! There’s a draw. The long giraffe neck has 7 bones, 7 vertebrae and exactly the same as a human neck.

Who has more bones: A baby or an adult?
Well the baby wins, having approximately 300 bones. Newborns have some split bones, but over time, some of them are joint until they reach 206 that an adult skeleton has.

The truth is that the human body is marvelous, don’t you think? Goodbye Friends, see you in the next Happy Learning Video!