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Marie Curie
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Marie Curie

Hello friends, how are you? I am Marie Sklodowska but everyone knows me as Marie Curie.

I was born in Varsovia, the capital of Poland, but when I was 24 years old, I had to abandon my country as they didn’t allow woman to go to university. Sounds incredible but true.

Since I was a child I wanted to dedicate myself to investigation and to be able to make my dream come true, I moved to Paris with the notion of studying at a prestigious French university were woman were allowed to enroll.

There I studied physics and mathematics, and I met the love of my life, my husband and investigation partner, Pierre Curie. It is his surname, Curie which I acquired and am now world known for.
We both sort in nature radioactive substances and discovered two very important ones, the radio and polonium, which I named in honor of my home country, Poland.

Numerous awards were given to both my dear Pierre and myself because of our important discoveries, and I became the first woman awarded a Nobel price, which are the most distinguished prices in the world. I was granted two, one in physics and the other in chemistry.

I also became the first woman teacher at an university…but for me, the most important thing was that my discoveries and all my investigative work helped and are still now continuing to help humanity in their battle against cancer. Thanks to my discoveries and studies, many lives were saved.

That was my greatest award. It was for this reason that I never wanted to earn money with my work and all my discoveries are accessible free of charge, for all of the worlds scientist to investigate.
Well now you know me a little better, but allow me one more comment before I go.

Even though I was not allowed to study in my country because I as a female, I fought with all my strength for what I most wanted, and in spite of all the obstacles I found in my path, with work, effort, studies and sheer excitement, I became one of the most recognized figures in human history. So now you know…

Goodbye friends and regard from Marie Curie. So long.