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The Wheel: great inventions that changed history
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Let's discover how we are able to ride a bike🚲, drive a car🚗or even create new artistic pottery!

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The wheel: great inventions which changed history.

The wheel, is one of the oldest inventions of humanity, and for sure one of the most important. Contemporarily we couldn’t imagine a world without it, since it is crucial for many things… but not only for vehicles, like cars or bicycles, but also for example for the function of a watch or a merygoround.

The wheel was first seen, on small clay tables discovered in Mesopotamia. These tables, represent a car with wheels and are more than 5 thousand years old.

According to archaeologists, the wheel, was invented in Mesopotamia over 6 thousand years ago, but we don’t know who the inventor was.

Supposedly, the first wheel was invented after the first human beings used cylindrical tree trunks to move heavy things. Observing this, someone very intelligent, must have thought that mauking a wooden circle, with an axis, like current wheel barrels, it would be easier… and from then on, the first potters wheel, and cars appeared.

Crafts, were the first to use the wheel and it made it easier and faster for potters to make their pots, thanks to the potters wheel.
Here, we can see how two wheels and an axis, help this craftsman, endlessly.

Through time, the wheel, was also used in transport. Animals didn’t have to carry heavy weights on their backs, now, thanks to wheels they pulled the cars and moved a lot more weight with less effort… and from then the wheel has been an essential partner to human beings. Look look! The number of wheels we can see around us…

The truth is that it’s such a cool invention, don’t you think?

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